Random Video of the Week – Led Zeppelin-In My Time of Dying

So, as I wrote a while back Led Zeppelin is among my very favorite bands.  And lucky for us, they have a rich trove of video material to enjoy, everything from their early days to their last real tour.  This particular video comes from their 1975 Earl’s Court show which, based upon the six songs available on the exhaustive Led Zeppelin DVD, was a high quality show.

In My Time of Dying represents mid-career Zeppelin perfectly fusing their blues influences with their by-now well-polished hard rock chops, all wrapped up in a long, proggy arrangement that allows the band to explore various parts of the song.  It’s one of my favorites as it’s uniquely Zeppelin and captures Page and Plant at their live best, playing off each other at the height of their status as 70’s rock gods.