Random Video – Queen – Ogre Battle

So, hard to believe it’s been almost 25 years since the death of legendary singer / songwriter / pianist / front-man extraordinaire Freddy Mercury.  Luckily, Queen was such a uniquely talented band there’s an enormous library of content to appreciate, including four entire concerts captured in totality at different stages of the band’s history.  Luckily, one of those includes a show from early in the band’s career….before they had become huge, stadium-filling mega-superstars.

This song comes from a 1974 show at London’s legendary Rainbow club.  The band at that point is almost experimental, combining hard rock, pop, prog, cabaret, show-tunes and jazz elements in their setlist.  Ogre Battle captures the band at their hardest, most proggy…and shows that when they wanted to Queen could rock with anyone.

For me personally, I just love seeing legendary bands when they were still trying to prove themselves…building the foundation on which the rest of their career has long stood.  This one shows Queen at a unique time and it’s terrific.