Reviewed: Voivod – Nothingface

Artist:  Voivod

Release:  Nothingface

Year:  1989

Songs:  9

Overall Rating:  89


So I moved to Washington DC in January of 1989 to begin an internship working for a congressman on Capitol Hill.  It was supposed to be a temporary thing so I left most of my “stuff” behind.  But I did have one of these:


And that meant that, against my very basic instincts, I actually purchased what I called “store bought” cassettes.  Before then I always purchased LPs and would then record them on high quality blank casettes.  This allowed me to keep the LPs in mint condition and enjoy the music in my car or wherever.  Store bought cassettes were terrible quality; they sounded like shit and would often get eaten by players.  Anyone who lived in the 80’s and listened to music knows exactly what I’m talking about.

So, one day I’m reading about music in Spin Magazine.  Spin was relatively new then, and in the pre-internet days such magazines were one of the few ways to learn of new, unkown bands without actually seeing them.  And they had a story about a “cyberpunk” band from Quebec.  I didn’t know what “cyberpunk” meant in 1989 but the write-up on the band was interesting and thus Nothingface became my very first “store bought” cassette purchase.  It was a good one:
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