Random Video of the Week – Dream Theater – Instrumedley

So, I’ve outlined my feelings regarding Dream Theater.  One of the nice things about the band is they have a huge library of live videos.  Another good thing is the band understand that they themselves are the key feature of a live concert video and the editing and presentation reflects that understanding.

Dream Theater is best live when they move away from standard presentations of their songs, like when they perform extended jams or somehow mix things up.  This is one such case, as the band combines some of their most-loved instrumental sections from more than a half dozen songs.  The result is a stunning 15-minute grand opus that is as good as anything the band has ever done and perfectly captures their world class abilities.  Enjoy.

Random Video of the Week – Gorillaz

So, Gorillaz was the world’s first “virtual band”.  This created challenges when it came to live performances.  First they tried using 3D halograms, which was about as exciting as it sounds.

Part of the problem is Gorillaz’ music has contributions from dozens and dozens of performers, including many well-knwon guest musicians.  Finally, for a single show at the Manchester Opera House they brought (almost) everyone together under a new idea:  put the primary “band members” behind screens that showed them in silouette while bringing every conceivable performer on-stage for their individual moments.  These included:

  • 10-piece string section
  • children’s choir
  • 5-member backup singers
  • various guest rappers, singers, pianists and a “guzhengist”.

Combined, the effect was tremendous, creating a unique show that is outstanding from start to finish.  Enjoy this version of Feel Good, Inc. (yes, that’s De La Soul of Me, Myself and I fame).

Random Video of the Week – Joe Bonamassa

So, Joe Bonamassa is widely regarded as the premier bluesman of his generation.  Now I’m not real knowledgeable about blues, but I know what I like and I like Joe Bonamassa.  This clip catches him playing So Many Roads at his highly acclaimed Royal Albert Hall show from 2009.  The song is representative of the entire Live From the Royal Albert Hall DVD – meaning pretty much every song is fantastic.

While Joe is known mostly for his standout guitar chops I think his voice is underrated.  I’d compare him to Paul Rodgers of Bad Company fame (just a slightly weaker voice).

Anyway….hope you enjoy.